The Team

Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal

CKids Director, Brooklyn NY

Mushky Loewenthal

Grow Director

Mushky is Director of CKids, the children’s branch of the Chabad World Headquarters. Mushky uses skills and approaches she’s developed as a Reggio-inspired preschool teacher and Friendship Circle Director to coordinate the program at Grow.

Dr. Michael Ben-Avie

Grow Child Researcher

Dr. Michael Ben-Avie has been with the Yale Child Study Center for over twenty years, and has co-edited six books on educational change and youth development. Dr. Ben-Avie will be guiding a rigorous research study on Grow.

Devorah Bogart

Grow Child Researcher

Divi Bogart, an alumnus of Yale University, is passionate about psychology, education, and social services. Having worked together with some of the leading experts in the field of social science, Divi is tracking the data and evidence-based outcomes of the Grow program. As CKids works to change the lives of the children in its program, this ongoing research initiative will utilize up to date methods and tools to assess and refine the evidence based results of this educational program on the real-life behavior change and character development of the participants.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Grow Consultant

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is author of the acclaimed best seller, Towards a Meaningful Life, and director of the Meaningful Life Center, where he teaches the Jewish approach to the array of psychological and spiritual challenges that humans beings face.

Joanna Faber

Grow Parent Workshops

Joanna Faber is a renowned parenting expert and contributing author of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, 30th Anniversary Edition. Joanna leads workshops around the country on child development and parent-child communication skills.

Dr. Chana Silberstein

Creator of the Grow Approach, Chief Consultant and Curriculum Contributor and Editor.

Chana holds a doctorate in psychology from Cornell University. She has been the educational director of the Chabad House of Ithaca for the past 25 years, serving Cornell University, Ithaca College, and the local community.

Laya Kievman

Curriculum Contributor

Laya Kievman directs the Chabad Hebrew Afterschool program in Highland Lakes Florida, which serves over 400 children and was rated number one in Miami-Dade County. The program runs five days a week and offers Hebrew School Learning through the arts as well as extra-curricular activities.

Chana Gansburg

Curriculum Contributor and Editor

Beila Goodman

Curriculum Contributor

Director of the Jewish Discovery Program in Long Beach, NY

Devorah Krasniansky

Grow Consultant

Devorah Krasniansky has directed the Chabad Early Childhood and Hebrew School Network for the past eight years. Under her leadership, Chabad preschools and Hebrew schools have seen a huge influx of children enrolling, producing thousands of Jewishly literate children and teens.

Mrs Chavie Ash

Curriculum Contributor

Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum

Educational consultant

Technion University students

Engineering Research and education

Coach J.J. Rhorer

STEM specialist

Naomi Levine

Drama specialist

Rivka Willick

National story-teller

Rabbi Zalman Minkowitz

Curriculum contributor

Rabbi Yehudah Altein

Rabbinical Researcher

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