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Dream Building – Magic of the Holy Land
Engineering Skills for Global Impact

Science meets whimsy as children unleash their imaginations through exciting hands on construction workshops and engineering labs. Integrating Jewish heritage with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), this 6 week course provides a life changing opportunity for children to develop creative building skills, deepen their relationship with the Land of Israel, and foster a desire to create global change.

The Land of Israel has always been a special place for Jews and Judaism. Today, its people transform individual imagination into collective reality through innovative science and technology. Combining teamwork and inquiry based learning, Dream Building encourages children to make this transformational magic part of their own lives. Projects include a cultural exchange, in which participants draw upon lessons by students at the Technion (one of the world’s leading engineering universities) and use the skills they learn to design toys for Sderot’s children in need.

  • Week One:

    Avraham’s Magical Tent Amidst the burning sands and sun, Avraham’s home was a physical and spiritual oasis for the weary traveller. His deep connection with the Creator planted the roots of the entire Jewish nation. It was here G-d promised him the Land of Israel. In this lesson, children learn the basics of architecture and design. Friendships are deepened as they collaborate to create an “oasis” of their own.

  • Week Two:

    Jericho and The Mysterious Falling Wall The Land of Israel has a “magnetic” power. As the desert nomads took their first steps back upon the ground of the land of their forefathers, the towering walls of Jericho, standing in the path of their destiny, came crumbling down before them. Children discuss miracles and science, and bring it all to life using magnets to construct, and deconstruct, their own model wall of Jericho.

  • Week Three:

    Electrify the Dark The Holy Temple was the heart of Jewish life and spirituality in ancient Israel. It was built to be a beacon– its windows engineered at an angle to emanate widening beams of light, illuminating the streets with its physical and spiritual glow. Students will explore how small individual actions have the power to brighten the world, as they construct actual night lights to light up the dark.

  • Week Four:

    The Floating Western Wall Throughout the generations, Jews journeyed to pray at this holy site. We may not have a Temple, but here at this one remaining wall, we can tap into our roots and our unique history, our prayers joining those of our ancestors. It is here we are reminded of our inherent and pervasive connection with the Divine. GROW students learn the power of collaboration, working together to hone their engineering skills and develop a giant, floating Western Wall out of balloons.

  • Week Five:

    Miracles and Modern Science Ranked as one of the top Engineering Universities in the world, Technion has emerged as a global leader in scientific innovation and impact. Children discover the magic, the wonder, the miracles, and the lives that have been protected by technological advancement. Guided by Technion students themselves, children get to build their most exciting creations.

  • Week Six:

    Toys for Sderot The journey comes full circle as participants employ their newly acquired STEM skills to imagine, design, and create toys to be sent to children in Sderot. Located near the Gaza border, this city has one of highest percentages of children with PTSD. GROW has selected a humanitarian relief program addressing the needs of children in struggling homes to receive the handmade gifts. Students reach the ultimate culmination and purpose of the course, using their talents and abilities to achieve global impact.

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