Meet the Silvermans!

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Character Education Through… Characters!

Featured throughout the Grow classes are Shaina, Benjy, and Kayla Silverman, three colorful characters who are easy for children to see themselves in and learn along with..

  • Meet Shaina Silverman

    Shaina Silverman is ten years old (going on forty). She’s a real by-the-books kind of girl and loves to take charge of situations... and people. (We think she’d make a great CEO someday!)

  • Meet Benjy Silverman

    Everyone loves six year-old Benjy! Benjy is always coming up with new ways to have fun, and he’s always the life of the party… even when he’s in school (uh-oh!).

  • Meet Kayla

    Eight year-old Kayla mostly keeps quiet and goes with the flow of the world around her. When her classmates take the time to get to know her better, they find a sensitive and loyal friend.


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